Automated Aquaponics

An aquaponics system is efficient, clean, and excellent for the environment. It is a system based on recycling waste and giving it to plants so they can grow. Perhaps an idiom, like "one man's (or organism's) trash is another man's treasure." But for such an innovative system, it requires a lot of upkeep to keep it running properly. That's why we (Alexandra and Rosa) have decided to focus on making our school's aquaponics system more self-sustaining, so we get the same yield without all of the hard work. Follow us on our journey or learn more about us and the project.The FarmBot is a robot that helps with gardening. You are able to plant almost anything you want by using an application and creating your own virtual garden that will be implemented in real life through this contraption. The FarmBot plants seeds, waters the plants, measures the soil, removes weeds, and has a camera that keeps surveillance of the plants.  It is designed to work 24/7 and for a very long time.