A Day in The Workshop

Our day at work usually begins after Brendan, our engineering teacher, calls the attendance of our two period long engineering class. There are five of us in the furniture making group, Ana, Chase, Kush, Tai and me, Marissa. We leave the classroom and hurry into the lab so the rest of the class can have their discussion on building robots. The five of us usually take 5 to 10 minutes to discuss our plans for the two class periods.From there we branch out and begin to focus on our own mini projects to contribute to the company. There are quite a few projects that have to be taken care of daily and weekly. Before any progress is made in building a chair Ana, Marissa and Kush have to sand down the barrel pieces and then coat them with poly acrylic to have a finished look. 

 From there Chase and Tai take over the wood pieces and begin constructing the wine barrel chairs. The amount of time it takes to produce the chairs has varied because we just learned how to build them based on prototypes and YouTube videos. Aside from the construction of the chairs we have a mini team of three, Kush, Ana and I that work on the technology portion of the company. We work on social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to advertise our product and company. We also work on our webpage and add in blogs like the one you are reading at the moment.