A Chair In The Making

The Wine Barrel Chair

We wanted to produce a chair out of finer woods, so along came the idea of a chair made out of wine barrels. Modern Times Brewery donated six wine barrels to our group and that is where the process began. There was no set tutorial to follow but YouTube video which didn’t even share any measurements with us. Our first prototype was a learning experience for the entire group. From learning the techniques of painting and sanding to constructing the actual chair.



The Beginning Process

The wine barrel chairs look best when finished with poly acrylic. At first, we thought the poly acrylic would leave the barrel pieces shiny and glossy, but instead it gave them a subtle finish. Originally the barrel pieces came in ashy and rough, to solve this we sanded each piece individually. Once the pieces were sanded we wiped them down with tack cloth. The tack cloth removed any debris and powder that remained on the wood so the poly acrylic would glide on smoothly. Once the poly acrylic was on each piece we set them out to dry which would usually take 15 minutes to dry.