What's this here for?

So why would an Engineering Site highlight a blog?

Good question Brendan, let me answer that for you: This is here to help chronicle our class, student experiences, be a resource for our class, and keep tabs on Brendan.


Most of the posts on here should be made by particular students.  Each week an honors student will be posting highlights from class, big deadlines and assignments, and also doing general announcements.

Occasionally, a student will be asked to write a 'guest blog' post.  Usually winners of competitions, or just a student that has a strong opinion on something and wants a place to voice those opinions.


Mentors will be asked to post occasionally to chronicle their journey through their students projects.  It will help future mentors understand what is expected of them, and also understand why they would want to come in and help us out.


Brendan will probably be posting general announcements and big events (though he'll probably pass that to his honors blogger).  He'll also be posting his personal projects, things he's making at home or in the lab for 'funzies'.