The Space


Currently HTHMA Engineering sprawls throughout 'The Treehouse' (High Tech's nickname for the HTHMA Annex: building 37).

The class's computers and 'clean work' is done right as you enter the building, often visitors enter and are surprised they are walking into a work space, but don't worry, we're used to being productive in the presence of strangers.

HTHMA Engineering also houses the schools laser cutter and 3D printing facilities.  In a smaller adjacent room we have a 150-Watt Universal Laser Systems Laser Cutter and Two 3D Printers: a Replicator 2X, and a Pegasus Touch, and a pretty decked out electronics station.

The largest space is a fully-functional, cabinet-quality wood shop/dirty lab.  The lab is capable of creating fine pieces of wood art, creating industrial strength structures, and hand crafted furniture.



Who is Brendan?  Interesting question, glad I'm here to type it for you ... I'll try to keep it short, though the story is about 3.5 decades long and still going.

Prior to working at HTHMA Brendan was a working Electrical Engineer at General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Division (EMS).  He worked on several projects there including the E.M.A.L.S. program, an electromagnetic aircraft launch system for the next generation of US aircraft carrier, A.A.G. the advanced arresting gear for those same carriers, the Urban MagLev program, Navy Rail Gun, Homopolar Motor, and several military power conversion systems.

Before GA, Brendan received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from SDSU, with minors in Computer Science and Theatre Arts.  Since Graduation, Brendan has helped found and run two Non-Profit Theatres in San Diego. Though Triad was wildly financially unsuccessful; it was critically acclaimed and Brendan cherishes the memories of that company.  Circle Circle dot dot is still going strong, and though Brendan could no longer shoulder the responsibility of Managing Director, he now serves on the Non-profit board of Circle, and continues to enjoy working with them.

Right now, Brendan is probably working on lesson plans, or figuring out a new project..


Brendan Cavalier
Engineering Instructor

Cris Fitch:

Cris will someday send Brendan a Bio.  Till then, Brendan will have to wing it.  Cris volunteers twice a week to assist the class in the particular and phenomenal ways he can.  Cris was a graduate of MIT, speaks several languages, is well renown in the world of computer science linguistics and translation.  He's saved Brendan several times from his own foolishness, and continues to provide amazing support to the HTHMA community.

Cris Fitch
Engineering Mentor