High Tech High Media Arts employs complex and challenging projects to teach a variety of scientific and engineering skills.

Check out some of our previous projects:


Seniors: Engineering

12th Grade engineering projects runs the gamut of the world of modern technology.  Projects we've completed have ranged from Autonomous Robotics,  Augmented Reality, College level structural analysis via Bridge building, customer based product engineering and quad-copters designed to transform into planes mid-flight.

Principles of Engineering

Generally the Junior class is working on projects that will not only ready students for the rigors of their senior year, but have them walk away with projects and skills to be proud of.

Students learn basic woodwork, use and design for the laser cutter, introductory programming, and complex mechanical design.


Over a week students master 123DMake and 123DCatch in order to create beautiful objects, and awesome sculptures.  Take a quick look at what we've made over just 1 week